DhrithiQuest eWallet is a digital platform which provides seamless user experience which enables consumers to make payments directly from their phones either online or in-store. Our interoperable eWallet connect shoppers with merchants creating value for both parties. For the consumer, spending analytics, payment notifications, full card control, cashback and digitalization of loyalty cards, vouchers and coupons all offer huge benefits. For the merchants, a customizable app for vouchers and loyalty cards can drive repeat business and generate increase demand.

The reason is simple! Mobile & online digital wallets are a relatively new concept, they are only at the beginning of their journey, and a great future is undoubtedly awaiting them. And you need to catch your niche in the market while there is still a chance to become a leader. By the moment the number of competitors increases, you'll have already gained a strong position.

Basically, an e-wallet is just like your bank account where you can keep and access your money in any currency you choose. You can then transfer money to anyone or make payments, such as your mobile bill or even top up your e-money smartcard, which you can then use just like cash, except it is quicker safer and a lot more convenient.

What is more, you can convert one currency to another with a really good exchange rate almost instantaneously. You can also pay money into a designated bank branch throughout the UK or just simply make transfers from your own bank account. Additionally, payments to your intended beneficiaries can be made in any currency either locally or internationally.

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