Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Regularly evolving market circumstances and strategies demand versatile supply chain designs.Dhrithi Quest planners have advanced one step forward with including sophisticated modelling, optimization, simulation, and data analysis in supply chain design that gives an edge over other competitors.

So how does one manage the Supply Chain - Plan, Enable, Source, Make, Deliver and Return? Here’s where our 2000 plus professionals’ team across India with years of in-depth experience in supply chain consulting come to your support! Combining its extensive knowledge of best practices and experience from around the globe with a deep understanding of the local culture, Safexpress offers you various consulting services aimed at improving the performance of the different logistics functions of your company, reducing overall costs and satisfying customer requirements.

Implementing a digital supply chain is critical to meeting consumer expectations of a fast and seamless customer experience across mobile, web and instore. Dhrithi Quest enhances the customer journey by identifying supply chain challenges and uniquely optimizing retailer’s delivery, fulfilment and inventory capabilities, resulting in a lean, agile supply chain. Digital maturity assessments analyse the overall strength of a supply chain network, identify friction points within omni-channel order capture and evaluate peak readiness, delivering an ROI driven set of recommendations to help drive business forward.

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